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        August 16, 2012


It stood at the pinnacle of American car racing during the golden age of the sport in the 50s and 60s. They called it “The Bridge” and mostly they loved and feared the place. Stirling Moss called it the “most challenging course in America ” and routinely it embarrassed world class drivers during the heyday of the Can-Am, Trans-Am and international sports car races. It was a place of wonderfully diabolical natural beauty.

The Bridge is no longer. It’s a private, luxury golf course now. Key portions of the track have been preserved however, and if you listen, you can almost hear the roar of the groundthumpers flying into Millstone corner at 200 mph to the whoop of 80,000 fans.

This is your site. It’s maintained as a tribute by the Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group, a band of enthusiasts who kept racing alive at Bridgehampton for nearly two decades. If you ever experienced The Bridge, we welcome your photos and comments. Through this site, the excitement of Bridgehampton lives on.

Click Here to see classic images of action at Bridgehampton over the past 50 years. Do you have great shots? Contact the webmaster about submitting prints or digital images you'd like to share. Click here to read classic quotes from drivers, world famous and unknown. The pits of Bridgehampton were equally fascinating. Cutting-edge racecars from around the world, film stars, some of the most beautiful women in the world and awestruck kids mingled in happy celebration of speed.

October 2013:
Bridgehampton Days 2013
The annual BHRG celebration of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit and rally through the back roads of the Hamptons is scheduled for October 5th. Bridge Days 2013
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October 2012:
Bridgehampton Days 2012
The annual BHRG celebration of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit and rally through the backroads of the Hamptons took place on October 6, 2012, a beautiful autumn day. Bridge Days 2012 Photos by Andy Hartwell
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October 2011:
Bridgehampton Days 2011
Maybe it was the threat of rain, but when the GT40, D-Type Jag, and Lister rumbled into the exhibition grounds through the fog early on Saturday Oct 1 for the Bridgehampton Days Festival, it felt just a bit like Le Mans in its heighday. This awe-inspiring machinery and much more was on display at BHRG's annual celebration of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit and rally through the backroads of the Hamptons. If you haven't already been, make plans to join us next year. Meantime, check out Andrew Hartwell's portfolio of some of the great cars and drivers that made Bridgehampton famous and press coverage of our event. See our 2011 photo gallery: Bridge Days 2011 Photos

October 2010:
Bridgehampton Days 2010
On a brilliant Fall day, the Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group again hosted a celebration of the world-famous Bridgehampton Race Circuit. The event was held in conjunction with the annual vintage car rally at the Bridgehampton Historical Society. Hundreds of fans of The Bridge came together to renew old friendships, meet the heroes of their youth, buy memorabilia, watch Bridgehampton films, and see and hear some magnificent historic race cars. For a few hours, it almost felt like pit lane in the ‘60s again (minus the wind and sand).
See our 2010 photo gallery: Bridge Days 2010 Photos
and stay tuned for the video that’s currently in production. And if you didn’t make it this year, join our mailing list and stop by next year. We’ll be bigger and better than ever!

October 2009:
Views from the "I Survived the Bridge" celebration

January 2009: Watch a rare video of the great 1968 Can-Am. It features memorable footage of winner Mark Donohue charging over the hill at the back of the pits into what he called "the roughest, most challenging part of the course".

1968 Can-Am video

BTW; if anyone has film footage of racing and people at Bridgehampton, please dig it out and contact the webmaster.
We're interested!

  The site layout featured a jaw-dropping 180-degree view of Long Island 's North Fork , Shelter Island , Sag Harbor and the sailboats on Peconic Bay . The circuit had four vertical elevation changes totaling 130 feet and eight distinct corners, including a banked hairpin curve around a hillock at the lowest point of the course. A flat-out straightaway nearly 3/4 of a mile long suddenly disappears into a hair-raising decreasing radius downhill curve, known as Millstone Turn. More than one international star has called this steep decline, which is blind and taken flat out in most race cars, the most difficult turn in racing. Sam Posey, for one, said that sailing off the abyss in a sports racer was like “flying into an air pocket” in a plane.  
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